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International Competition

from October 30 to November 7, 2021

Special International Press Award (SIPA)

a debut CD recording deal with one of the leading European record labels in the field of classical music, Aulicus Classics, in Rome, Italy!

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Alejandro Drago

Alejandro Drago

«I think that ultimately we all play for some transcendental listener that is somewhere beyond yourself and the audience. If you are a believer, that probably is God. If you are not, then you can think that in the complex order of the universe you're fulfilling a role that is somehow important. So it's more than playing for yourself or playing for the audience, it is the playing itself that takes place. And there is an intensity there, that is not always related to a person, to yourself, to the guy who is listening.»
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Competition jury

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Robert Bokor
Roman Fedchuk
Alejandro Drago
Lorenzo Turchi-Floris

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