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Violin soloists:

  • Professional performers up to 35 years old (age of competitors determined as of 10/29/21);
  • Students of music education institutions of all levels (children, adolescents, youth, adult performers);
  • Students of aesthetic education centers and institutions of complementary education.
  • To develop the best traditions of the Russian and world's violin performing art in general;
  • To identify and support the most gifted children and young performers;
  • To promote the professional growth of the young performers;
  • To engage in cooperation with concert organizations;
  • To draw the interest of performers and public alike to valuable yet little-known works of the violin concert repertoire;
  • To work toward the development of artistic and aesthetic taste and positive social attitudes of the young generation; to familiarize as many children, adolescents and youth as possible with the best cultural traditions.
  1. Opening Gala Concert, Drawing of lots (to establish the order of the participants);
  2. Competitive auditions;
  3. Master classes for every willing participant;
  4. A Gala Concert of the Competition’s laureates.

Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee includes representatives of the founders, the Director of the Competition, and the Artistic Director. The Organizing Committee approves the Rules & Regulations, and also the plan for the Competition.


The jury includes leading musicians and teachers of music education institutions in Russia and other countries.

The jury evaluates the performances, taking into account the artistic value and degree of complexity of the performed program, as well as the artistry and quality of the performance, and after that determines the winners of the competition.

The jury has the right NOT to award all titles, awards and prizes, as well as to divide them between the competitors in its sole discretion.


The Directorate (Autonomous Non-commercial Organization ‘Art & Cultural Center "Russian Festival"’) directly prepares and conducts the Competition, and solves organizational and financial matters.

Director of the Competition — Alexander Tsybul

Artistic Director of the Competition – Alejandro Drago

PR Director of the Competition – Oksana Stopkevich

Competition Coordinator – Valeria Skreta von Zavorziz

Age categories and nominations

Junior-solo: from 12 up to and including 16 years old (age of competitors determined as of 10/29/21).

Senior-solo: from 16 up to and including 35 years old (age of competitors determined as of 10/29/21). Competitors aged 16 years have the right to take part in either the Junior or Senior category of their choice (only one).

A competitor may perform with his or her accompanist.

If necessary, the organizers of the Competition are ready to provide the competitor with an accompanist.

Rules of Competition

Applications will be accepted until 10/15/21

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to stop accepting applications.

All auditions are open to the public.

The competition is held in 3 (three) rounds.

No more than 12 (twelve) participants in each category are allowed to take part in the 2nd. round.

No more than 6 (six) participants in each category will be allowed to take part in the 3rd. round (Final).


  • First prize - USD $ 5000 (equivalent in RUB Central Bank of Russia);
  • Second prize - USD $ 2500 (equivalent in RUB Central Bank of Russia);
  • Third prize - USD $ 1500 (equivalent in RUB Central Bank of Russia).


  • First prize - USD $ 1000 (equivalent in RUB Central Bank of Russia);
  • Second prize - USD $ 750 (equivalent in RUB Central Bank of Russia);
  • Third prize - USD $ 500 (equivalent in RUB Central Bank of Russia).

* The organizer acts as a tax agent, calculates personal income tax and withholds it from the monetary part of the prize in accordance with the tax legislation of the Russian Federation.

Special prizes from sponsors and partners.

All participants of the Competition may receive a Participation Certificate (upon request).

  1. The age of the competitors is determined as of 10/29/21.
  2. Copyrights:
    • By registering, the participant declares that no third party recognizes any copyright and / or other legal rights of the materials that are created in the course of the Competition.
    • All rights to distribute audio-video materials of the Competition, including for commercial purposes, belong to ANO "Russian Festival".
    • In addition, free of charge and for an unlimited period of time, the participant transfers the rights to the organizers of the Competition for broadcasting and distributing audio-video materials.
    • The Organizing Committee of the Competition has the right to broadcast the auditions of the Competition and the final Gala Concert on radio, television and on the Internet without paying additional royalties to the participants.
    • Audio and video filming during the Competition’s auditions is not prohibited.
  3. Distribution and sale of advertising, printed and other products is carried out only with the written permission of the Directorate of the Competition.
  4. The organizers are not responsible for the safety of musical instruments, property and inventory.
  5. In case of disagreement in the interpretation of the conditions of the Competition, the Russian-language text of the Rules and Regulations will be considered the authoritative version.
  6. Pupils and students of the jury members cannot take part in the competition.
  7. Changes to the declared program are allowed no later than 10/15/21.
  8. The organizing committee reserves the right to stop accepting applications when the number of accepted competitors reaches 24 (twenty-four) in each category.
  9. The order of performance of the program’s pieces is established by the participants themselves, and is indicated in the same sequence as in the Application Form.
  10. The Organizing Committee does not pay the costs of travel, hotel accommodation for participants who came to the Competition from other cities or from abroad.
  11. All participants should be ready to take part in charity concerts that are held as part of the Competition, without receiving pay.
  12. All laureates of the Competition are obliged to take part in the final Gala Concert, free of charge.If the participant refuses to take part in the final Gala Concert, he or she may be deprived of the prize. (The decision is made by the Organizing Committee).
  13. The laureates of the Competition must be ready to take part in one concert organized by the Organizing Committee of the Competition within 12 months after the completion of the Competition, without receiving pay. (Travel and accommodation expenses of the laureates will be paid by the Organizing Committee).

Details for payment of the registration fee in rubles:

ANO "Russian Festival"
TIN 7817059117
CHECKPOINT 781701001
r/s 40703810703500000339
Recipient's bank
BIC 044525999
c/s 30101810845250000999

Purpose of payment: participation in the competition, category (senior/junior), Full name.

A document confirming the payment of the registration fee (receipt or notification) must be sent to the email within 3 (three) days after filling out the application for participation in the competition.

If the candidate refuses to participate in the Competition, the documents and the entry fee will not be returned.

The participant must apply independently for a Russian visa on the basis of an invitation issued by the Organizing Committee of the Competition.

When entering the territory of the Russian Federation, the competitor should provide information about the imported instruments in the customs declaration. Failure to declare a musical instrument may lead to its seizure by the Russian Custom Authorities upon leaving the country!

After receiving the Application Form and paying the registration fee, the Directorate will send the participant an invitation to the Competition (the original invoice for payment of the fee will be handed over to the participant upon arrival, if necessary).

Amounts of registration fees:

  • Senior: USD $ 100 (equivalent in RUB Central Bank of Russia) on the day of payment.
  • Junior:  USD $ 50 (equivalent in RUB Central Bank of Russia) on the day of payment.

The paid fee is non-refundable and non-negotiable.


When registering, applicants must present:

  • birth certificate or passport (original),
  • invitation for participation in the Competition,
  • copies of the scores,
  • receipt for entrance fee payment (original).

Participants whose fee was paid for by an organization, must necessarily have a power of attorney, certified by the organization that paid the fee with its official seal, for the right to sign the Act of Performed Services.

Competition Directorate:

ANO “Culture and Art Center ‘Russian Festival’”

196655, Saint-Petersburg, Kolpino, Tazaeva Str. Building No. 5, Office No. 35

Phone: +7 (812) 982-90-41 

Phone for consultations on general issues:+7 905 235-77-95